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Holding Tummy

Congratulations on your upcoming birth!  This is such an exciting time for you and your family, as you prepare to welcome a new addition into your home. Hiring a Birth Doula is just one step in making this new transition a bit smoother and taking the time to find the right person to support your needs is important.


While labor and delivery looks different for everyone, the end goal is the same. A Birth Doula can assist in making your birth experience a positive one, by being your constant support throughout the birthing process, and in some cases, beyond! 


Being invited into the room during your labor and delivery is truly an honor and a privilege.  I strive to have each of my clients feel heard, seen, and leave feeling confident that they had the birth experience they wanted, even if it ends up looking different than planned.  I'm happy you have landed on my website and invite you to read through the services I provide when hired as your Birth Doula. 

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